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Best Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks Worth Playing_340

I have always been impressed with the push of folks who make mods and ROM hacks to their favourite games.

Nintendo is famous for being tough on ROM hacking communities, however they suffer thanks to this love every one these founders. And think about Super Mario 64, arguably one of the best platformers from Nintendo’s library… it’s got a great deal out there.

I have recently gotten into hacks for Nintendo’s classic Super Mario 64 and that I can not help but admire the work put in to them.

It’s especially impressive thinking about the weird and honestly antique way the game is coded, which is to be anticipated from a pioneer of this 64-bit era.

I’ll do my part to fan the flames of ROM hacking and discuss what I believe are the 10 top Super Mario 64 ROM hacks ever made.

10. Super Mario 64: The Green Stars

A pretty good choice to try out ROM hacks and decide whether it’s for you is Kampel64’s SM64: The Green Stars.

It adds many degrees and showcases a lot of what is possible through those alterations.

It sports 130 stars to collect throughout many customized degrees. A number of which you will have to find by exploring the overworld using a detective’s lens, as the founder made it a point to hide every secret very well.

The main reason it’s not higher in the ranking is that the quality of degree design changes more than it should.Read here super mario ds roms At our site

Some areas are so easy they are boring, whereas others require a few hyper-specific trick jumps and feats only an expert can pull off without even trying 200 times.


If you’d like to begin with something more ambitious then consider SM64: Kirby Edition by founder Dudaw.

This hack replaces the traditional red-capped plumber with the adorable Kirby.

It had been the very first full personality hack ever released on SM64, and despite the practice being more common now I’d say the polish level is still striking.

Not only does Kirby move and glide as the character should. But also power-ups are modified to turn the pink pull into a Boo or even a Thwomp, mimicking his backup capability.

You may also ride Kirby’s touch Warp Star on certain levels. Neat!

8. Super Mario 64 Land

Anyone who’s been after the SM64 ROM hacking landscape is familiar with Kaze Emanuar, the hard-working visionary behind lots of the very challenging and amazing hacks for your traditional game.

Super Mario 64 Land is one of the earlier creations. It’s less range than some of the others however exactly the same quality.

It plays much like Super Mario 3D Land, featuring 33 new levels that are a lot more linear than the ones present in vanilla.

Mario also has a couple of new moves to oppose them. Namely, a Butt Bounce along with also an Aerial Twist, and that you’ll find remarkably helpful.


Produced by ROM hacking personality BroDute and several collaborators, the Star Revenge series is just one of the very prolific hack series in life. Counting more than six chief releases and also a slew of remakes.

SM64: Star Revenge Redone is actually the latest version of the first hack. It includes over 125 new stars to gather over 13 distinct levels.

What makes this hack unique, aside from the surreal humor and self-referencing jokes, is its complicated lore and an overarching story you’d need to play every launch to understand.

Should you wish to set out on such a quest, this is the place to start.


For something remarkably less complex we have Kaze Emanuar’s Super Mario Bros. 64, that brings the side-scrolling platformer allure of old Mario games like Super Mario World.

Wonderful, right?

I really like the way the camera angle is tilted only in the ideal angled angle so that you can enjoy thickness without repainting the side-scrolling perspective entirely.

You can play as many characters from the Mario world such as Luigi, Wario, fan-favorite Waluigi, and Mario himself.


Sometimes all we’re looking for is a more challenging experience from our all-time preferred games.

If that is you, think about Super Mario 74 from Lugmilors.

It includes 120 new celebrities to become in its many customized degrees, all which pose a considerably greater difficulty than your normal vanilla SM64 scenario.

That includes most boss fights, which now have added challenges like needing to swing Bowser greater to reach the bombs.

When you clear it you can go to play Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition, and it will be a more absurd, Kaizo-level challenge.


Considering that the artisanal character of ROM hacking generally, I’d say most of these games have… varying degrees of quality, to say the least.

Yet one of the most frequently good hacks around is NebulaSM64’s Super Mario 64 Sapphire, a brief but sweet encounter consisting of 30 stars spread over six unbelievable levels.

And these levels feature some of their most beautiful landscapes ever seen on this 64-bit engine.

If you’re trying to find a quick Mario fix with a spin on SM64 then that is it.


I think in demonstrating respect and admiration for pioneering efforts in any area. And if they’re as great as Skelux’s Super Mario: Star Road, it is a real pleasure.

This enormous ROM hack has been one of the first ones with almost any mainstream appeal out the hardcore ROM hacking community.

It has 130 celebrities to collect in certain exceptional levels, introduces new enemies, also has a revamped soundtrack that gives it the feel of a true sequel.

Considering the intense focus on tight platforming, in addition, it is important to note all of the work put into creating a more friendly camera than the original.


Another timeless hack that revamps several essential technical aspects from the game is Frauber’s SM64: The Missing Stars.

It has a day/night cycle, a much better camera, and a whole lot of other tweaks which enhance gameplay.

You might even undergo its ten degrees as Luigi if you are tired of his plumper brother.

With updated bosses, new enemies, and remixed audio which includes some original compositions made particularly for the hack, it seems to be an entirely fresh take on the SM64 formulation.


If there’s 1 ROM hack worthy of being contemplated SM64’s sequel, it needs to be Last Impact by Kaze Emanuar.

It includes tons of custom resources, new bosses made out of scratch, and even new power-ups. All really cool stuff, like a Yoshi that it is possible to ride and Super Mario Sunshine’s FLUDD, one of the items.

This game is really a technical marvel!

Every one of the newest degrees is entirely separate from what we’re utilized to viewing. And getting every one of the 130 new stars presents several unique challenges.

There’s a level at which you’ll have to play Mario Party games to acquire the coveted astral body!

Sureit might get a tad wonky here and there. And it’s not without a fair share of bugs.

But that is to be due to such an enormous undertaking, and also some thing you can generally dismiss because this rom hack really is SM64’s next level.

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