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Our Key Features

Our flexible on-site abrasive blasting and industrial coating application means that we are able to meet the needs of customers across Dammam and throughout Bahrain. Our large fleet of equipment allows us the versatility to mobilise to multiple sites anywhere at short notice in order to meet the demands of any project large or small, domestic, commercial, industrial or marine

  1. High-Quality Results: Professional painters have the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality results, ensuring that the finished paint job looks professional and flawless.
  2. Proper Preparation: They understand the importance of surface preparation, including cleaning, patching, and priming, which is essential for a long-lasting and even finish.
  3. Safety: Painting companies have safety measures in place to protect both their workers and your property, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.
  4. Clean-Up: Professional painters handle all the cleanup and disposal of materials, leaving your property in a tidy and organized state.

We possess the appropriate accreditation & quality systems to provide abrasive blasting and industrial coating services across a sectors like:

  • marine
  • WWTP (waste water treatment plants and desalination plants)
  • transport and infrastructure
  • energy and resources
  • line removal, concrete repair and exposing aggregate
  • construction and restorations

Naval, commercial, barges, fishing Industry vessels and private vessels

MBCE is a specialist in abrasive blasting and protective coatings for all types of marine vessels, structures and equipment. Abrasive blasting has proven itself to be the most effective cost-efficient

means of removing contaminants and marine build up from ships, boats and yachts of all types, as well as all kinds of marine-based structures, machinery and equipment.

Marine, industrial, manufacturing and mining equipment.

At Middle Bahrain Contracting Establishment(MBCE), we specialize in the application of industrial coatings that protect treated surfaces, components and equipment from the effects of corrosion and other forms of degradation, and we are able to use and apply a wide variety of coatings to meet your needs and the demands of the work environment

Piping Work:

  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Mechanical Work:

  • Equipment installation
  • Assembling
  • Alignment
  • Testing

Electrical Work:

  • Elect. Equipment installation
  • Cable tray installation
  • Cable pulling & termination
  • Testing

Instrumentation Work:

  • Inst. Equipment installation
  • Cable tray installation
  • Cable pulling & termination Instrument installation
  • Calibration
  • Loop check & test