About Us

Middle Bahrain Contracting Establishment (MBCE) Specialized Construction was founded in 2009 by Muhammad Naeem with the aim of introducing environmentally friendly abrasive blasting services to Saudi & Bahrain. Using the revolutionary and technologically-advanced Abrasive Blasting & Airless Spray Painting System, the MBCE team of trained and skilled operators is able to remove a wide range of coatings, corrosion and residues from all types of structures, locations and equipment, while leaving surfaces clean, contaminant free and thoroughly prepared for re-coating. We have vast experience of jobs both large and small. With a fleet of mobile equipment, MBCE is able to carry out on-site abrasive blasting and industrial coating, and offers efficient, flexible and cost- effective.

solutions that deliver outstanding results on both largescale and more intricate, delicate jobs. Furthermore, the Abrasive Blasting & Airless Spray Painting System is extremely safe and requires no encapsulation, meaning that other trades can carry out work at the same time, saving both time and money. MBCE is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency and adheres to its high standards of environmental safety with regards to air quality, noise, water quality and waste management. The company has won contracts in both the public and private sectors, including markets such as oil, gas, shipping, construction and the highways

“Innovation, hard work and integrity: These are the key motto of MBCE to form it basis foundation and success. MIDDLE BAHRAIN CONTRACTING EST (MBCE) mercer under Commercial Registration No # 2055022823 for implementation, execution of Electrical, & Instrumentation , Piping & Mechanical construction & Maintenance work & equipment and manpower supply has embarked on with ambitious plans to undertake related projects in the Middle East countries.

MBCE has undertaken /is undertaking service oriented / construction, manpower & material supply in the Middle East countries.
With the dedicated and highly Motivated Management team, Engineer’s, Supervisors and Technician, MBCE is a company with full commitment to accomplishing its undertaken projects qualitatively while adhering to the time schedules of completion, complying the strict
specifications of the client and applying the international safety standards in the process of executing various projects.

MBCE is managed by the specialists in the fields that have a mission
and vision to progress in the ventured activities with a commitment to the nation & the valued client to provide quality service and products.
We meticulously plan every detail and double check our double checks.
It’s a philosophy that does not only allow us to reach our dreams of success, but to exceed them.

Our reputation is our most important asset. A reputation for honesty and integrity is essential to our business. We conduct our business in a manner that earns us the respect and goodwill of those around us. Doing good work, completing it on time, and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved are essential to maintain our excellent reputation in the industry.

No project is too challenging or unique, too big or small. Our goals for every project are the same — build it safely, on time, on budget and with no surprises.

We promise you to be the best Business Partner for providing total solution through endless of development and innovation with having in mind that value of the clients is the top priority”.

Thank you.

Muhammad Naeem

CEO & President of MBCE