Completed Projects:

  No.  Project Name & Location:  ClientConstruction Period
  1Sabic (Haddid): Steel Structure Erection                         (Jubail)  Abunayyan holdingOct.2013-Dec.2014
  2ARAMCO Sadara: Piping, Instrument & Commissioning work (Jubail)  DaelimMay 2014-Dec.2014
  3SECCO Tabajal Power Plant Project: Mechanical Work (Tabarjal)  HSHAug.2014-Feb.2015
  4MA ‘Adan Phosphate Power Plant: Mechanical Work & Manpower Supply (Turaif)  Hanwha E&C (KH PT)Feb.2015-Mar.2016
  5MA ‘Adan Phosphate Power E&I & Mechanical Work & Manpower Supply (Turaif)  SamyoungFeb.2016- Nov.2016
  6Ma’adan Posphate Power E&I & Mechanical Work & Manpower Supply (Turaif)China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp. (HQC)Jan.2016-Dec.2017
  7Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project: E&I & Mechanical Work (Jazan)   Daewoo E&C & SamyoungNov.2016-Present
  8Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project: E&I & Mechanical Work (Jazan) Hyundai (Sejong Corporation)Jan.2017-Aug.2018
  9Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project: E&I & Mechanical Work (Jazan)   SK E&C  Oct.2017-Feb.2018
  10ARAMCO (NAUG System B) I: Piping & Building Work (Turaif)  Kentz Engineers & ConstructorsJun.2017-Present ( For 5 years)
  11ARAMCO (NAUG System B) II: Piping & Building Work (Turaif)   Kentz Engineers & ConstructorsAug.2017- Present (For 5years)
12ARAMCO Fadhili Jubail Program Gas Project: E& I Construction Work (Jubail) SungchangMar.2018- Present
13Gas plant project (Uthmaniya)   Midong (HHI)2018 till Jan.2020
14ARAMCO project: supply of technical team with third party certification (Khurais)Kentz Engineers & ConstructorsAug 2019- present ( For 2 Years)
15ARAMCO plant Extention project: E&I Construction work, Gas Mechanical work & piping (Wasit)        Kentz Engineers & ConstructorsSep 2019- present ( For 1.5 Years)
  16Sepco lll Al-dur Power & Desalination plant: Scaffolding work, Send blasting & painting (Bahrain)                                                Sepco-III         Aug 2019-present (for 3 years)        
17Bapco Refinery
Extention project: Send Blasting Painting
work (Bahrain)
RAFCOMar 2020-
cable pulling and termination work
SAMYOUNGMay 2021-April 2022
cable pulling work
KUMYANGApril 2022-Feb 2023