Ethical Management Overview: We maintain high ethical standards. With the founding values, “Honesty & Trust”, MBCE defines “Transparency”, “Compliance” and “Social Responsibility” as its top priorities and is developing a “Sustainable Management System”.

Transparency: Promote active communication to foster a transparent and creative corporate culture.

Compliance: Ensure full compliance with the code of ethics and applicable laws.

Social Responsibility: Generate revenue, create a healthy eco-system, and fulfill social responsibility.

Quality Management:

We satisfy customers with the highest level of quality. Since our foundation, customer satisfaction has been our top priority. We ensure that the following quality standards are in place to deliver high quality products and services and grow as a global leader.

  1. Maximize customer satisfaction through independent quality management system
  2. Increase corporate value through technical innovation Practice
  3. quality management based on a solid foundation and principles Maintain our competitive advantage through continuous quality improvement process
  4. Achieve the highest level of quality through strong partnership and collaboration system

Safety Management:

We place safety as our top priority. We have built trust by implementing the highest safety standards in various construction projects worldwide.Based on this trust, we ensure full compliance with the following safety policies and maintain safe practice and respect for human rights.